Grand Ballroom

Ramada Plaza Suwon Hotel’s luxury and classy wedding service tailored to the specific needs of would-be bride and bridegroom will further brighten the most cherished moment in their life.
We will provide high class wedding service in a spacious and classy hall with easy access,
sufficient parking spaces, best food and delicate services.

Our grand ballroom furnished with magnificent yet graceful interior decorations,
high ceilings and lighting fixtures shedding soft light is a best place for a classy wedding ceremony.
It can accommodate over 900 well-wishing guests. In a spacious hall,
we will provide you with memories of a wedding ceremony to be cherished for the rest of your life.

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  • Location

    Main Hall : 3F
    Sub Hall : 2F, 1F

  • Size

    Main Hall
     -Grand Ballroom : 605㎡
    Sub Hall
     -Plaza Hall : 254.2㎡
     -Topaz Hall : 207.6㎡
     -Jade Hall : 134.4㎡
     -Orchid Hall : 134.4㎡
     -Oak&Maple Room : 104.6㎡

  • Capacity

    approximately 250 ~ 900

아이디 중복확인

(4~20자 까지 한글과 특수문자를 제외한 “영문+숫자” 조합문자 )